Hola random internet reader, thanks for visiting my site. A little bit about me... I am a software engineer that started somewhere on the lower layers of the stack flipping bits for a living, playing with registers, and taking care of my own memory. C and C++ got me down the rabbit hole.

After school I joined Intel as a firmware engineer working on camera system-on-chips that ended up in tablets and smartphones. After a few years there I joined Adyen working on some really cool applications on the point of sale team.

Currently I'm working my way up the stack improving my Python and frontend chops. As you can see from this site, said frontend chops are not that sharp (yet!).

You can find me on on twitter (@gerardo8al) where I will probably be sharing music, ranting about something, liking pictures of dogs, or something else.

The 'Not Gerardo' name idea started a few years ago when discussing personal blogs with friends. Some of us expressed concerns about safety online, to which a friend replied, "Well, just call it Not Gerardo and it should be obvious it's not you!" And that is the story of how this domain was chosen.